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Monthly Archives: March 2009

OC Job Talk: You Have to NETwork to GETwork


With all the contacts we have in Orange County and knowing people are scrambling for work, it only made sense for us to launch OCJobTalk.

And when I say “us”, it primarily means Justin Moore-Brown of BigHead Design and myself.

We are using Twitter to spread the word about this social network where you can speak directly to people who may be able to help you land that next gig.

You can find Justin on Twitter using @BigHeadAsian and I am @SteveAverill.

If you do not have an account at Twitter, open one up and start following us and we will direct you to OCJobTalk happenings and postings.

Be sure to follow @OCJobTalk as well.  That is the main Twitter account for the site.

Think of the best job you’ve ever had.

Chances are you didn’t find it on Monster or Craigslist or (egads) the newspaper.

No, you probably knew someone who knew someone who heard about an opening at XYZ, Inc.

And it was a great job, with benefits and good pay and the kind of work you enjoy doing.

According to Cornell University Career Services, statistics show that up to 80% of all jobs are unadvertised.

But why?

Because it’s all about trust and people like to hire from people they trust, even if it’s second, or third-hand.

According to corporate recruiters, two-thirds of job seekers will find jobs networking.

Use OCJobTalk as a resource center and view all of us and someone who could be a few steps away from your dream job.

Find out what companies we worked at and ask us about them. Friend someone who is in an unrelated career and see if they have any contacts you could call. Mix it up! Ask us anything, you never know where is might lead!

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green-eggs-and-hamHappy Birthday Dr. Seuss.

Who would have thought that a cartoonist would create a character that every small business owner, or anyone selling anything for that matter, should emulate.

Sam I Am of Green Eggs and Ham, is a master marketer, a Gary Vaynerchuk you-gotta crush-it-have-passion kind of guy.

He will reposition.

He will repurpose.

He will target his message.

And he will not take “no” for an answer.

How many times does he get rejected asking for the sale?


Can I say I went 16 times at my last coveted prospect asking for the sale?

No way.

And he never loses his enthusiasm or his creativity.

Would you like them in a box?  With a fox? In a house?  With a mouse?  In a train? In the rain?

And look what he is selling.

Who would want green eggs and ham?


Not even the freaks in the land of Dr. Seuss.

But if someone kept persisting and telling you how great they were and what you were missing, wouldn’t you at least try it?

You’d have to wonder what all the fuss is about.

Are you a Sam I Am?

Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV is.

I originally wanted this post to be a tribute to Dr. Seuss and how Green Eggs and Ham can be viewed as the greatest marketing book ever.

But the more I wrote, the more I came back to a guy who started a $30 million business out of the back of his father’s New Jersey liquor store.

The best take on a topic is a real-life story.

And Vaynerchuk is the real deal.

A relentless, positive marketing machine, who loves what he does and encourages others to market like they mean it.

A hustler in the best sense of the word.

A real-life Sam I Am.

Like Dr. Seuss, an only-in-America success story.

And it didn’t happen by accident.

Want some wine with those green eggs and ham?