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Monthly Archives: September 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around


Thanks to Lori Shapiro and Project Management Institute of Orange County for posting a recommendation for me on LinkedIn.

I copied it to post here as well:

Lori Shapiro – PMP, MS, ITIL, CSM

Lori hired you as a Business Consultant in 2009 {1}

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“I asked Steve to speak at the Project Management Institute Orange County’s Career Fair on how to best use Social Media for those people in transition. He had a 30 minute slot – not a lot of time – but he really did a great job in providing consise and very useful information to the attendees. I heard very positive comments about Steve’s presentation, and attendees wanted his presentation and follow up notes. Steve provided everything as soon as I asked him and now his presentation and notes are posted on our website. He provided a very valuable service to our organization, especially to our members in transition. THANK YOU, STEVE!” September 21, 2009

Pretending That You Care

i_heart_holden_caulfield_tshirt-p2355248165310914343ybc_400There is nothing worse than doing business with a phony.

What can you do as a small business owner to avoid false prophets and fake partners?

Know a frenemy when you see one.

Learn to identify these idiotic lightweights who care only for themselves.

These scumsuckers are the scourge of good, fundamental, disciplined business.

And they are always heading for a fall.

And they are determined to take you with them.

Avoid them at all costs.

Just look for these 10 identifying characteristics:

1. They tell you how great they are at doing things that cost you a lot of money.

2.  They speak authoritatively on a subject you know little about and keep you in the dark about it the whole time.  The less you know the better.  That way they can charge you more.

3.  They are surrounded by flunkies.

4.  They take a business casual approach 98% of the time.  They make you feel “relaxed”, use the word “cool” ALOT and laugh at all your bad jokes.

5.  They always talk about the competition as being “idiots”, “clueless”, “a joke”.

6.  They are quick with a backslap, quick with a joke, always “up”…it’s all charm all the time.

7.  They think they are the smartest guy in the room even when it is painfully obvious they are not.

8.  They love to meet.  And meet.  And meet.

9.  They charge crazy rates and try to justify it by employing the tallest midget theory.

10.  They talk, they talk, they talk and they keep on talking until you are worn down to a defenseless schmuck who finally caves in to their crazy scheme.

There is a special place in Purgatory for these people and in the meantime, you can give them their own experience of Hell on earth by doing one simple thing.

Ignore them.

PMI Orange County Career Fair

pmi-logo-1Tomorrow I will be taking part in the Project Management Institute of Orange County‘s Career Fair at the Irvine Marriott from 3PM – 6PM. I will be conducting a breakout session on using social media to enhance your job search based on our experiences running OCJobTalk.  PMI Orange County is an all-volunteer organization that promotes the benefits of project management for all industries. They are celebrating their 20th year later in the evening with featured guest speaker Vince Lombardi, Jr. For more information go here.

lombardi-jr-vince-160-1109I have been learning more about exactly what role real project managers play in an organization and I have found that the skills they apply are sorely needed in the areas of marketing and management. Too many ideas go off half-baked without a clear set of goals and objectives and almost certainly no coherent strategy. That would make a project manager throw up all over her shoes. These people are left-brained to the max and all about results. There is probably a great opportunity for a small business to hire a project manager on a short-term basis and gets some great ROI out of it. A partner of mine and I are looking to do that right now and I am hoping we will find someone tomorrow.

If you are interested in project management, come by tomorrow or visit the PMI Orange County website and see what they are all about. I guarantee one thing. When they say they are going to do something, they do it. And that is sometimes a novel concept when it comes to your average small business.