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Monthly Archives: January 2010

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morgan1If you want to meet someone who is passionate about what they do and understands what it takes to get a venture off the ground and growing in a hurry, you gotta meet Morgan Smith, co-owner of Boneheads Restaurant in Lake Forest.

I met Morgan last year and all I can say is that he embodies  innovation, integrity and industry.

No fear of stepping outside the bounds of normalcy, telling it like it is and working his tail off.

And all of that has made Boneheads a winner in a brutally tough business.

They were named Orange County’s best new restaurant back in 2008 when they opened.

They’ve won awards for their uniquely spiced fish and chicken dishes.

They’ve raised thousands of dollars for incredible causes like the Jasmine Sanchez Memorial Fund, the eight year old girl who was tragically killed in a car accident on El Toro Road last May.

They are beyond committed to customer service and innovative marketing ideas.


Morgan and his partner Jack Demers came up with the name Boneheads after they were told by industry experts that “only a bonehead would open up a restaurant serving grilled fish and chicken with exotic flavors.”

They’ve taken the name and used it to launch a campaign that revolves around the idea of striving  TO BE A BONEHEAD. They describe BONEHEADS as “people who ignore experts and conventional wisdom, follow their hearts and achieve success against steep odds.”

How can you not love that?

How can you not want to get your South African Piri piri on and head on over to Bonheads and meet Morgan?

This is the definition of unique, special and worthy of the praise I am heaping which will be sure to bug Morgan…can you please just talk about the damn restaurant?

Whatever dude.

People make things happen and that is what inspires others.

Consider me inspired.

How Helping Others Can Help Your Business

helpinghaitiLet’s face it.

You’re selfish.

And I am too.

So let’s just admit right now that you don’t do a damn thing unless it benefits you.

No matter how noble you think you are, there is a payoff.

Whether it’s a shot of superiority or just good feelings you get when you give, the main beneficiary is the man in the mirror.

So why not stop everything you’re doing and start helping someone you don’t know, like the folks in Haiti right now?

I guarantee you it will feel great.

And it will energize you and remind you that there is more to life than our own current challenges.

Research shows that those who actively seek to help others tend to enjoy higher levels of mental health.

How could it not?

You’ve stepped out of your little world into someone else’s.

You build empathy.

You think about them first.

You place your plans on hold.

And maybe in that moment you gain a little wisdom.

Because it ain’t all about you my friend.

There’s a big old world out there that can get along quite nicely without you for 30 minutes or so.

I guarantee you that if take that time and do something for someone who needs help, it will come back to you tenfold.

And that’s a pretty good return on your investment.

Brand biaxin

socialmediaSocial Media is still the red-headed stepchild of the marketing world because everybody likes to do what they know how to do.

In case you needed some reasons to get started,  here are a few ways these cool tools can help you and your small business.

1.  Social Media will teach you how to listen.

2.  It will expand your network of peer contacts.

3.  It will attract prospects and get you new clients.

4.  Reading blogs will give you relevant and timely access to information in your field.

5.  Writing your own blog will show you what you really care about and are interested in.

6.   Twitter will force you to write tight.

7.  Facebook will make your more friendly.

8.  Facebook will make you more mean.

9.  Flickr will give you access to some cool images that can really help your marketing efforts.

10.  Slideshare can promote your brilliant ideas online forever.

11.  YouTube can make your boring faceless business more human and fun.

12.  You’ll have instant access to best practices in your niche.

13.  You’ll know when customers are upset and respond to it immediately.

14.  You’ll know when customers are happy and respond to it immediately.

15.  Social bookmarking allows you to leverage the very best of crowdsourcing.

16.  Google Docs allows you to brainstorm online and get the best from everyone.

17.  Ning can help you build a social network of your own in 10 minutes.

18.  You can use customer feedback to improve products and services.

19.  You can bring the voice of your customer directly into your business.

20.  Discover those 20 or 30 influencers in your field that are really driving the conversation.

21.  Integrate all these new tools into your current marketing campaigns and leverage both.

22.  Take actions based on what you learn TODAY.

23.  Crowdsource your next big idea.

24.  Use Twitter for weekly promotions and contests.

25.  Improve your search rankings in Google.

What else?