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Monthly Archives: May 2010

The Vanity Search

Don’t Quit on Social Media Before You Start

Social media bashing is in full frenzy mode.

We all need to sort of slow down…

….take a deep breath…

and recognize that there is no cure-all for what ails most small businesses.

No one can give you more hours or more focus or passionate employees.

No one can give you an original idea or great customer service or people who are passionate about your product.

But there are some tools you can use to make these things happen.

Say what?

Social media can give me more hours, engaged employees, original ideas, great customer service and people that are passionate about my product?


Once you stop wasting time with that moronic Yellow Pages rep and the guy who leaves trash on my doorstep, you’re gonna have some free time on your hands.

Once the people who work for you are put in charge of connecting with customers on the social web, they’re going to have no choice but to be engaged.

And once they are engaged, they start thinking and who knows, maybe a new idea or two pop up, maybe even a good one.

Engagement and good ideas that are acted upon makes for better customer service.

The karma wheel goes round and people get into what you have to offer.

It’s like diet and exercise.  You can bash this technique and that program and this trainer but if you keep lying around on the couch pounding oreos, ain’t nothing gonna happen.

You gotta MOVE brutha.

The world of branding/advertising/marketing/media has has moved on.

You gotta go with it.

Don’t stop before you start.

25 Reasons Moms Make Great Marketers

1.  They know how to listen for what’s really going on with you.

2.  They can clean up a mess and not get freaked out by it.

3.  They know how to say “NO”.

4.  They can handle your charming (yet sometimes monstrous) ego.

5.  They really really really want you to succeed and will do just about anything to make that happen.

6.  They can work on no sleep.

7.  They know what everything costs.

8.  They look past your faults.

9.  They know how to take care of themselves and other people at the same time.

10.  They know if they’re not happy, you won’t be either.

11.  They think about themselves first, then you and that’s ok.

12.  They know if their relationship with their partner sucks, everything else will too.

13.   They are time management masters.

14.  They are organized.

15.  They put first things first.

16.  They know what the battles worth fighting for are.

17.  They delegate.

18.  They have a few big goals in mind and that is what drives everything else.

19.  They know when it’s naptime.

20.  They know what it means to play nice with others.

21.  They act as role models.

22.  They will put you in timeout if you misbehave, then explain what you did wrong, kiss and move on.

23.  They are enthusiastic, yet pragmatic.

24.  They are kids at heart.

25.  They love watching you grow.