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Monthly Archives: February 2011

300 Small Business Owners Who Fight Like Spartans

Our goal is to find them all before the year is out.

The Day The Business Card Died

…was the day this video was uploaded to YouTube. Can this guy be more…well…you know…

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Appliance Medic – Marketing by Great Customer Service

Appliance Medic ServiceSo our dryer died over the weekend.  And I must have spent three days trying to find an Orange County repair person/shop/service that could a) actually do the job and b) do it at a  fair price.

I called my local repair guys first.  Each of them came over and said they could not do it because it was a gas dryer but would recommend someone.

Both of their recommendations did not work out for a variety of reasons.

So I went online and started poking around Yelp.  I typed in “appliance repair” Irvine and to the top popped Appliance Medic Service.  Over 50 reviews and an average star rating (AVERAGE!) of 5 stars.  I read the reviews and they were glowing.  These guys get it, I thought.  Let’s call them.

I call.  It’s 9:30 at night and what do I get? A live person.  And not just anyone.  The owner.  We talk and I tell him the issue.  He says he will come over and give me a free estimate.  I say free as in FREE?  He says yes.  We make a time for the following morning.

Appliance Medic Service Owners

Owners Doug Scott and Lamberto Pico of Appliance Medic Service

Lamberto Pico and his partner Doug Scott show up on time dressed in hospital smocks.  Appliance MEDIC right?  They are having fun at work – I am smitten. They take a look at the dryer.  They see the problem right away. They give me the price. The price is 2x less than other quotes I have received.  They fix it in 20 minutes.  They process my payment on their iPhone.  I am swooning.  Then they tell me their story.

They both got laid off a few years back and took a flier on starting their own appliance repair company.  They don’t do any advertising or marketing.  They just do what they say they are going to do and watch the Yelp reviews pour in. They are smart, personable guys.  They work hard.  They care.  They are rare.

Customer service sounds easy.  Everybody talks about it.  But very few walk the talk.  Lamberto and Doug do.  Call them the next time you need a repair.