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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Meet Facebook Expert Rudy The Irvine Police Dog

Rudy The Irvine Police Dog

We sat down (ok, he was lying on the grass) with the Irvine Police Department‘s go-to canine for all things social media and asked him how he has managed to create such an effective Facebook Page.

OCBizBlog: “How many fans do you have on your Facebook Page?”

Rudy: “First of all, it’s not “fans” anymore it’s “likes” and we have 425.”

OCBizBlog: “Right “likes” sorry…wow…that’s pretty good for a d…”

Rudy: “For a dog?”

OCBizBlog: “Yeah.”

Rudy: (pauses, tilts head and squints) “Well…man’s best friend, right?”

OCBizBlog: “Right.  Right Rudy.  That’s exactly right.”

Rudy: (big sigh) “If it were only that easy.  Listen, we employ some pretty basic tactics that most small businesses should be doing on their Facebook page but they either still don’t get it or aren’t willing to do it.  I can promise you if they make an effort, they’re going to see some results.”

OCBizBlog: “Can you expand on that a bit?”

Rudy: “Sure.  Take a look at our page.  Lots of engagement there.  Lots of pictures and comments.  And we have fun too.  We’re the police but we’re not taking ourselves too seriously.  Look at some of the captions on the photos we post.  And we are getting great feedback, great interaction.  I think the big takeaway is it helps to have personality and be passionate about your job.

OCBizBlog: “If you’re not passionate about it why should anyone else be…”

Rudy: “Right.  And then show that passion and you’ll start to attract people.  I think that is something humans have a tough time doing.  I mean look at us.  Dogs are not afraid to share their enthusiasm.  We love being social.  It’s better than chew toys.”

OCBizBlog: “Really?”

Rudy: “No.”




Storage Wars and The Golden Age of Small Business Television

Eric Felton of the Wall Street Journal has a great article out today entitled “Who Needs an MBA When We Have ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’?”

He opens up with the recent arrest of Nicolas Cage and the fact that he was bailed out by Duane Chapman, the above-mentioned bounty hunter and TV star.

Chapman runs a bail bonds business, which is about as far away from the Fortune 500 as you can get.   Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro has a Hoboken, NJ bakery.  The Deadliest Catch boys run crab fishing boats.  The guys from American Chopper make custom motorcycles.  And right here in Orange County, Dave Hester and Jarrod Schultz mix it up on Storage Wars, buying and selling abandoned storage unit items, often at a healthy profit.

You can’t get a much better education on basic small business skills when you watch these shows.  Yes, there are some moments that seem pretty scripted with your classic storytelling cast of characters, but the core idea is people willing to make it the hard way.

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams, again in the Wall Street Journal, wrote an article last Saturday called How to Get a Real Education, which basically told students to forget about art history and calculus and learn to run a business.  It was a spot on assessment from a millionaire cartoonist. We know what most of us are up against in terms of income inequality in this country. So doesn’t it make sense to sharpen your entrepreneurial claws and grab what’s yours?

Nothing has changed more in the U.S. recently than the basic business promise corporations used to make to their employees and the fields of marketing and advertising.

It’s why this blog exists.

Because gone are the days of leisurely lunches and collecting a fat salary with massive benefits.

And running the same print ads and direct mail campaigns you ran last year, and the year before that, and the year before that…

More than ever, it’s all about basic business street smarts adapting like crazy and knowing how to market and sell stuff. You gotta close deals and make things happen. And you gotta do it better, faster, cheaper or friendlier than the next guy to stand out.

Because the hard truth is this – you ARE a small business, whether you know it or not.




Facebook and Amex Want To Help Small Business

So you want to learn all the best practices for using Facebook pages, ads and social plugins?

Well, you’re in luck.

Starting today and until May 20th, small business owners can enter the Facebook Big Break for Small Business contest to win a $20,000 cash prize, free one-on-one consulting and a free two-day marketing boot camp at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto.

To enter the contest, small business owners need to visit Amex’s page on Facebook and provide brief answer about their company.  Amex will pre-select ten finalists and then Facebook fans will vote for five winners.

Amex has done this before.  They teamed up with Facebook for an event called Small Business Saturday, which offered free advertising to 10,000 small business owners who signed up to participate.


Social Media Now a Must for Small Business

If marketing types can’t convince you, then this article today from should.

The Cornelia Marie Post and Deadliest Catch Returns

Here is the post from on OCBizBlog that produced the single biggest day of traffic we’ve ever had.  Deadliest Catch returns tonight at 9PM on The Discovery Channel.


dc_lessonsHas your husband made comments that you you’re watching too much “Deadliest Catch?  Or maybe your girlfriend doesn’t really get why you watch the show about crab fishermen?  Well, next time – tell them your learning valuable lessons.  I came across a blog today entitled, “Five Things Deadliest Catch Teaches Small Business Owners” by Steve Averill.  Since I’m a small business owner myself, this caught my attention.

I think its a good article and it made me realize that in many ways I operate my small businesses similar to the way I was taught about work growing up commercial fishing.  My employees and I work around the “job” and not an arbitrary time clock.  We work as long as it takes to make the deadline and then take time off when the work allows.  My work ethic is definitely the same as the fishermen I grew up with – they are the hardest working group you will ever encounter.  To this day – I have never seen anyone work harder than the man who owned the F/V Cornelia Marie before my mother and Captain Phil … his name is Ralph Collins.  I will have to write about him some day.

As it turns out, I was shocked to find many other articles written about “lessons learned from the Deadliest Catch”.  There are several articles written about “leadership”, like this one and this one.  Or how about “leadership lessons for the military” learned from the Deadliest Catch.  Lastly, my short search turned up this gem about “Poker lessons” learned from crab fishermen.

Has anybody out there have any lessons they learned from the show?


TED Talk: 8 Keys To Success

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