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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Irvine-based Specific Media Buys MySpace

The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital is reporting that Orange County’s Specific Media has bought MySpace from News Corp. for $35 million.  The deal has not been officially signed off on but is being completed today, according to their sources.

Newscorp. bought MySpace back in 2005 for $580 million.

News Corp. had hoped to get $100 million for what was once one of the hottest properties on the internet.

An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal described Specific Media and speculated on a deal:

“Founded in 1999 by Tim Vanderhook and his brothers Chris and Russell, Specific Media helps marketers buy digital ads across the Web, online video, mobile and even the TV. The Irvine, Calif., company got its start brokering ad space for websites and quickly moved into the fast-growing business of collecting and using Web browsing, demographic, geographic and other profile information about consumers to target ads. The company now ranks among the largest online advertising networks in the country, reaching 170.9 million unique U.S. visitors in May, or about 79% of the U.S. Internet users, according to comScore Inc.

A Myspace deal would give the company access to data about Myspace users to be used for ad targeting. It also would transform the firm into a media company with its own ad space to sell instead of simply an online ad technology firm that brokers ad space on behalf of other websites.

Specific Media’s executive team includes knowledge of the inner-workings at Myspace, with two executives who previously worked at Fox Audience Network, News Corp.’s online advertising unit that sold ads for Myspace.

Specific Media has raised more than $110 million in funding, closing a $100 million round of financing from private-equity firm Francisco Partners in 2007. Since then, the company has acquired a couple of digital advertising companies, including online video company Broadband Enterprises and an Amsterdam ad technology company.”


When to Post on Facebook and Twitter

Ever feel like all your Facebook posts and Twitter Tweets enter into a black hole of irrelevancy never to return again?

It could be lots of things – how you write, who you write for, what you say.

That’s the kind of meaty stuff you really have to work at  and think hard about.  It demands effort and commitment.  But an easy fix that can have a HUGE impact is  WHEN you post.

Thanks to KISSMetrics, you can easily eliminate a key variable that could be dragging down your social media impact.


Awesome T-Mobile Angry Birds Ad

Warrior Poet Ira Glass on Pushing Yourself

Get a Loan Online With Boefly



Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke: “They will lend the money out won’t they?”

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson: “They will.”

Final Scene of HBO’s “Too Big To Fail


How’s that big bank loan working out for you?

Got a return call yet?

Feel like you’re one of a hundred guys asking the same girl out on a date?

What if I told you there was a for small business lending?

And that all you had to do was visit their website and type in your information ONE TIME and a service would match your compatibilities with hundreds of potential lenders.

And quite possibly in a couple of weeks, you would have that loan you so desperately need. Because after all,  you are just so kick-ass awesome that the only thing holding you back is a little bit of cash.

And suddenly, you’re gettin’ paper.

Boefly is a smart, legitimate solution for small business financing needs.  They make loans anywhere from $25,000 up to $2 million.  If you are an independent check them out.  If you are a franchisee, drop everything and check them out right now.

Del Taco, Car’ls Jr., Dunkin’ Donuts, Arby’s all use their services, and with good reason.

Through Boefly, a franchisor can offer franchisees access to over 600 lenders.

Recently, Boefly launched their Franchise Concierge Team service to address the challenges and difficulties franchisees face trying to access capital.  The site uses a proprietary compatibility matching technology, to connect lenders with borrowers who meet their loan package lending criteria.

Since the Concierge Team service started, over 50 franchisors have signed up with one to two new brands joining every week, including CKE Restaurants (Carl’s Jr, Del Taco) out of Carpinteria.

BoeFly has been featured in Inc Magazine, on the Fox Business Network and recently participated in the International Franchise Association’s invitation-only Small Business Lending Summit in Washington DC, attended by SBA Administrator Karen Mills.

“The response to our Franchisor offering has been overwhelming. We believe this is because of the fact that we are bridging an important gap between franchisors and lenders; helping franchisees connect with compatible lenders who understand the benefits of franchise lending” said Mike Rozman, President of BoeFly.

Sounds pretty good.  What do you think?  Is this a service you would use?