Small Business SaturdayIt’s not just Orange County small businesses that can benefit from the American Express Small Business Saturday event on November 27.

American Express is hoping that their partnership with Facebook will create a tradition to rival Black Friday.

They are starting by giving back $25 back to 100,000 card members who register and shop at a small business this Saturday.

According to a national survey, 93% of consumers believe that small businesses contribute positively to their community through jobs and taxes.

And with recent earnings data showing that the country’s largest corporations are reporting record profits, do you need any more reasons to support your local small business?

Nah, better to let the big guys hoard more cash and not plow any of it back into innovation and job creation.

Better to be lazy and not drive an extra two miles to support the parent of the kid your son goes to school with.

Better to hand your hard-earned cash to a conglomerate like General Electric which generated $10.3 billion in pretax income last year but ended up paying (are you ready for this?) exactly ZERO dollars in taxes to the federal government.

Yup, that’s right.

You paid more in federal taxes last year than GE.

Find your brothers in arms.  Find your friends in small business.  Find them this Saturday.