You know you’re a marketing geek when the new owners at the local pizza shop get you all excited about how they run their business.

It’s the bond that happens when like-minded people get together.

Brothers Armando and Francisco Cervantes, the (relatively – 2008) new owners of ZPizza of Irvine just flat out get it.

They know it’s all about the community.  They watch every penny.  They treat customers like family.  They innovate.  They care.   And they communicate that in every way possible.

Theirs is an interesting situation because they are the only stand-alone franchise out of the entire ZPizza chain.  In fact, they are not even a franchise, but an independent entity representing the original ZPizza location founded by Susie Megroz.

Their store is where the ZPizza chain got its start.  It is the mama store, if you will.  And to celebrate that, the boys have rolled out “Junior“, a smart car which they had wrapped by Wrap One (see pics below).

OK, so vehicle wraps are nothing new, but the smart car choice gives it a cute peppiness and environmentally-friendly appeal.

And they use the car not only for deliveries but as a promotional tool for events and fundraisers.

If you see Junior rolling around Irvine, just know that these guys put into their pizza what they put into their marketing…the desire to stand out in a sea of sameness.

My kind of guys.