We are all delusional to some degree or another.

After all, no one has a perfect view of reality.

Perception IS the reality.

But it is a very dangerous thing in business to work with someone who is so far removed from the truth of a situation that they would rather just ignore it all.

Barbara Ehrenrich has just come out with a new book that addresses the very issue of ignoring reality.

She had the guts to say what most of us don’t want to hear.

That just because you BELIEVE in something or see yourself as TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY AWESOME doesn’t mean we’re going to start minting money together.

I am just as guilty as anyone of ignoring the truth of a situation to protect a fragile ego, but defending bad decisions, doing things out of spite or making excuse after excuse are major red flags.

That’s when it’s intervention time…

when service provider and client need to come together, agree on expected outcomes and drive toward an achievable goal.

But that is straight out of someone’s B-School textbook.

That is not what happens.

Everyone has their own twisted view of things.

You just have to be sure to recognize how many twists there are.

Too many and you gotta cut the cord.

Because success is a million miles away after a hundred heartaches.

Don’t let the Ostrich get you down.

But keep your head out of the clouds too.