teresaYou can’t open your own jewelry store without some idea of how you will succeed.

There is just way too much competition.

But if you know that you are establishing a FIRST in some category, you have a decent shot at success.

Teresa Saldivar became the first Latina gemologist to own a jewelry store when she opened Teresa’s Jewelers more than 20 years ago.

She has used that lever to build what was a 465 square foot store with three employees into a thriving 1,700 square foot establishment that has been recognized multiple time as one of the best small businesses in Orange County and beyond.

Teresa recently finished a stint as president of the California Jewelers Association, the largest state jewelry association in the U.S.

She is a true entrepreneur who sees adversity as “a challenge that allows me the opportunity to learn whether I have the capacity to endure it or the need for growth in a certain area.”

She has been through all the ups and downs of running and business, and with the support of family and friends, as well a growing foundation of repeat customers, Teresa’s Jewelers has become a landmark business in Santa Ana.

Any businessperson who can quote the great social psychologist Erich Fromm, is someone who knows what is takes to succeed:

“There can be no great freedom without the freedom to fail”, is one of Teresa’s favorite Fromm lines.

Every once in awhile we hear about a business like this and an entrepreneur that you could easily overlook.

But it is these kinds of  “quiet successes”, that we find most inspiring.

Because let’s face it.

The real daily battles and victories take place without anyone knowing about it except you.

And it’s always nice to see someone who can create a business and a life that gets rewarded for courage, creativity and competence in those lonesome hours when it’s just you and the work.

So Teresa Saldivar, we here at OCBizBlog salute you for being FIRST AND BEST at what you do.