How Revealize Can Solve Your Website Problems

There is nothing more frustrating for a service provider than when they see a client in need who thinks they are not.

It is something that makes you want to sound your barbaric yawp across the rooftops of the world. It’s not on the level of a Walt Whitman stark raving madness but it’s up there.

How do you, my small business compatriot, not want to join the fight and unleash upon the field of competition your capacity to punch a message through all this noise?

How do you not want to connect NOW TODAY with this google reviewing, mobile, three seconds or less, social media obsessed, next generation of influencers and parents and homeowners and car buyers and CEOs? (Pump the brakes on influencers, Forbes said today that influencers are dying so maybe not them)

It’s just dumb.

It’s just straight up idiocy not to get your website/mobile site/app/social media platforms up to speed with a clear concise message that coverts buyers and a design scheme that hits us straight in the face with a Banksy Balloon Girl elegance and meaning.

It’s dumb because there are people just a few miles away from you with the skill and talent to deliver all this at a price you can afford.

Enter Cole McKeon and the team at Revealize. Cole knows something that a lot of twenty-something company founders don’t. And it’s something you can only learn when you come from one very competitive space and jump into another one.

The truth is that with just a little extra effort and care you can stand out and dominate your category. If you TRULY commit you can succeed and crush. BUT that is a BIG LEAP.

And leap you must. Because every small business arena is just getting more crowded and more competitive. Cole and his team get that. It’s why they practice what they preach.

Just take a look on how deep and detailed this blog post is that addresses web design mistakes.

And take a look at this review after I googled “Revealize reviews”…

I love reviews like this. Because I can sit here all day and tell you about these guys but you aren’t going to listen as much to me as the guy who wrote this review.

And he hits all the notes: Trust, competitively priced, professional over the phone, finished in less that two weeks, attractive, clean, functional.

As someone who has worked literally with more than 30 different designers and developers and agencies in Orange County I can tell you it is very very tough to find anyone that hits the sweet spots of competence and trust.

There are those that are good but think they are better so they want to rip you off. There are those you like and trust but they just can’t execute what you want. The sweet spot is elusive. Revealize looks like a honey pot.

And speaking of honey pots take a look at the designs you can choose from.

There are hundreds of thousands of WordPress designs out there and a company’s capacity for curation is key.

You gotta be able to sift through a lot of crap. They can and they did. That’s a lot of confusion taken out of the game for you. It saves you time, money and heartache.

I dig around online ALOT before I post a review of a business. And I found NOTHING, zip, zilch, nada that would give you a red flag on working with Cole and Revealize.

So contact Revealize at (949)630-0452 or and start seeing your digital assets provide a return on your investment.

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dianne whitmire carson toyota

In the world of men, most of us are well-dressed neanderthals who see EVERYTHING  as ZERO SUM.  Someone has to win and someone has to lose.

And that’s why Dianne Whitmire loves us.

Because as a human being who has actually evolved, Dianne Whitmire does not suffer from the Amygdala Hijack.  She does not go into caveman fight or flight mode when you sit across from her to work out a deal on a new car.

She actually thinks to herself…how can I come up with a solution that will benefit both of us?

Notice I didn’t say how much she cared about you, or wanted to be your partner in this endeavor or that she just really really wanted to help you.  EVERYONE IS RUNNING AROUND CLAIMING TO DO THAT. And it’s complete bullshit.

We all act out of self-interest.  You think Dianne is in the car business so she can eat tuna out of a can in a one-bedroom condo and never visit her Marine Sgt son stationed in Hawaii?


Dianne Whitmire is a capitalist.  But she’s not a prick capitalist.  She’s a creative capitalist.

She finds a way to make it work.  She seeks resolution to complex issues.  She resonds…quickly.  She thinks about YOU.  And she makes things happen.

She has managed to sell 12 vehicles in a single day.  She will work thirty straight days without almost any rest, selling cars night and day.  We estimate  that she probably sells more fuel efficient cars than any other woman on planet earth.

And it comes down to one thing and one thing only. She is not a he.

If she was a guy she would be begging me to write this post instead of telling me to take it down because it embarrasses her. If she was a guy she would get herself featured in magazine profiles and in the Guinness World Book of Records like that tool Joe Girard.

Only a freaking guy would want to see himself in the Guinness World Book of Records for doing what he’s hired to do.

Dianne doesn’t want any accolades.  She doesn’t want recognition.  She just wants to kick ass for herself AND for you.

The power of AND is a beautiful thing.

It’s a woman thing.

Like mother AND child.

Women just get cooperation better than us guys.  It’s in their DNA.  And we need to praise and thank the women who are gutsy enough to jump into a man’s game and teach them how to do the right thing.

You make it work for yourself AND the customer.

Even a guy can understand that.