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Who’s Talking About You?

We have been trying to find a solid permission-based email marketing/contact management system for our clients that is affordable and actually works. We have found it with a small business in Phoenix that created a product called Promoterz.

For $150 month you can have a complete suite of services that allows you to capture emails of customers and stay in touch with them while also see what they are saying about you. It’s a great product and it works. Oh yeah, and the company is made up of some very cool, competent, trustworthy guys.

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New Twist on an Old Idea

Burma-Shave used to have a campaign where they planted multiple road signs along local highways.

The signs were in the form of a short poem that ended with “Burma Shave” as the final sign.

They were a big hit back in the day and people enjoyed sharing their latest experience with others, providing nice word of mouth marketing for the Burma-Shave folks. The signs were viewed as entertainment more than advertising and generated some nice goodwill that resulted in steady sales.

And now from Lancaster, California, Honda’s marketing team joined forces with the city to turn a stretch of road on the edge of town into a giant LP that plays the William Tell Overture, which you might know as the theme to The Lone Ranger.

Pretty cool, though some marketing wonks find it annoying and apparently the folks living near the area were driven mad in a matter of weeks and had the grates removed.

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Surprise Me

Nobody wants the same old song when it comes to marketing.

Basically because it doesn’t work.

Gotta keep those played-out, cliche-driven, market-tested slogans and sales pitches locked away.

Taking a page from Seth Godin, you’ve got to be remarkable to compete and how you communicate says a lot about how unique you truly are in the marketplace.

If you are willing to think through an innovative way to get my attention when your product is basically a commodity (hotels) maybe there is more to you than meets the eye…but you better deliver or it’s all wasted time and resources.

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Cash Squeeze

It’s not just talk. I’ve got buddies with businesses that have great cash flow and they can’t get a lousy $50K line of credit. The window is closed. Everyone’s sales are down and the outlook for a holiday pick-up is bleak. Most people just don’t have as much in their pockets right now. Couple that with a gut-wrenching 401K statement, the bailout, the distraction of a presidential race and a general fear of the unknown and it’s going to be tough for any entrepreneur or small business to weather this storm. Gotta keep the current customers happy and wow the new ones.
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The Sweet Life of Marketing in Orange County

The purpose of this blog is to indulge in all the tasty marketing stories out there among small business owners in Orange County.

We will inform, educate and entertain you about all things that are small business marketing in Orange County. You can google your way toward deeper analysis (not our job here) and we will link to all the good stuff. Mostly this will be an informal gathering place for the consumption of first-person anecdotes and information on a topic we love: marketing…for people we respect and admire: small business owners… in a part of the world we are thankful to be living in: Orange County, CA.

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