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This Week Don’t Miss Riviera Magazine’s Lido Goes Pop!

Riviera Magazine is hosting its first-ever pop-up village during the 12th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival.  This cool event ends this week on Thursday May 5, so head on down to Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach, which has been transformed into a unique high-end gathering spot for shopping and dining .  The hours are 4PM to 10 PM.

There’s lots of great food, giveaways and some very compelling product displays.  It’s the kind of thing Riviera does better than anyone else.  Live events are a great channel for extending your brand and adding value for your clients.

From a marketing perspective, you have to love a print product that really pushes the envelope to create unique (as opposed to tired, worn-out, copycat) events that require a high level of execution.  Who else in Orange County but Riviera could pull off the Casa Surf Project?

Much of it has to do with the personality of publisher Chris Gialanella, a creative ball of smarts, energy and charm, who knows how to make the most out of what Orange County can offers to advertisers.

Lido Goes Pop! will be an opportunity for Orange County residents to meet directors, screenwriters and cinematographers as they mingle and meander throughout the VIP Lounges and pop-up suites surrounding the Lido Theatre in Newport Beach.

If you are unfamiliar with The Newport Beach Film Festival, more than 50,000 people show up annually to view screenings of over 350 films from all over the world that represent the best in independent and studio movie making.

Riviera is co-hosting the Film Festival’s closing party, Thursday May 5, following the screening of  “A Beginner’s Guide to Endings” at 7:30m PM at Lido Theatre.  Tickets for the film and party are available online here.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Red Cross Japan Relief.

For more on the event go here.


Facebook and Amex Want To Help Small Business

So you want to learn all the best practices for using Facebook pages, ads and social plugins?

Well, you’re in luck.

Starting today and until May 20th, small business owners can enter the Facebook Big Break for Small Business contest to win a $20,000 cash prize, free one-on-one consulting and a free two-day marketing boot camp at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto.

To enter the contest, small business owners need to visit Amex’s page on Facebook and provide brief answer about their company.  Amex will pre-select ten finalists and then Facebook fans will vote for five winners.

Amex has done this before.  They teamed up with Facebook for an event called Small Business Saturday, which offered free advertising to 10,000 small business owners who signed up to participate.


The Cornelia Marie Post and Deadliest Catch Returns

Here is the post from on OCBizBlog that produced the single biggest day of traffic we’ve ever had.  Deadliest Catch returns tonight at 9PM on The Discovery Channel.


dc_lessonsHas your husband made comments that you you’re watching too much “Deadliest Catch?  Or maybe your girlfriend doesn’t really get why you watch the show about crab fishermen?  Well, next time – tell them your learning valuable lessons.  I came across a blog today entitled, “Five Things Deadliest Catch Teaches Small Business Owners” by Steve Averill.  Since I’m a small business owner myself, this caught my attention.

I think its a good article and it made me realize that in many ways I operate my small businesses similar to the way I was taught about work growing up commercial fishing.  My employees and I work around the “job” and not an arbitrary time clock.  We work as long as it takes to make the deadline and then take time off when the work allows.  My work ethic is definitely the same as the fishermen I grew up with – they are the hardest working group you will ever encounter.  To this day – I have never seen anyone work harder than the man who owned the F/V Cornelia Marie before my mother and Captain Phil … his name is Ralph Collins.  I will have to write about him some day.

As it turns out, I was shocked to find many other articles written about “lessons learned from the Deadliest Catch”.  There are several articles written about “leadership”, like this one and this one.  Or how about “leadership lessons for the military” learned from the Deadliest Catch.  Lastly, my short search turned up this gem about “Poker lessons” learned from crab fishermen.

Has anybody out there have any lessons they learned from the show?


Vintage Steve Jobs Video on Marketing

Jobs introducing Apple’s “Think Different” campaign.  Genius thoughts delivered in shorts and sandals…”we believe that people with passion can change the world for the better.”

Bing May Not Have Google’s Ad Revenue

…but they know how to advertise.

Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions

This is a marketing blog, so I will assume you know who Guy Kawasaki is.  For anyone who doesn’t, Guy is the founder of and Garage Technology Ventures, has written nine books including The Art of the Start, Reality Check, Rules for Revolutionaries and  How to Drive Your Competition Crazy.  He was the chief evangelist at Apple and got his MBA from UCLA after attending Stanford as an undergrad.

Enchantment is a sort of cross between Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People and basically anything written by Malcolm Gladwell.

I have to admit that when I received my copy (full disclosure –  this blog is listed on the Alltop site and I was lucky enough to get a free review copy of this book), I was skeptical.

OK that sounds corny and infomercial-like but the subject matter just seemed played out to me.

But Guy’s approach turned it into a unique and valuable read.  He tackles everything from how to use technology (push and pull) to launching, being likable, even dressing and  swearing properly (no effing joke).

Enchantment is a treasure chest of tactics.  Gladwell may tell you what and why but Guy tells you how and he backs it up with research.  At first you think it will be all fluffy the cat but it gets dog deep into details. You get the sense that Influence by Robert Cialdini, was a motivator for Guy and it would make sense as Cialdini was his marketing professor at Stanford.

One of the cool things I like about the book is that there is a test at the end.  A test? Yes, a test.  Who the hell puts a test in a book?  Someone who really really wants you to understand his core concepts.   I liked that.  Again, at first I thought it was geez this is silly but then I got caught up in the challenge and found it a clever way to create lifelong learning teachable moment.

It’s a 200 page book broken down into 12 chapters and every chapter ends with a boxed out section of someone’s personal story which relates back to the chapter subject.  So in Chapter 6, for example, How to Overcome Resistance, you have the story of Richard Fawl, CEO of WatchParty in Austin, Texas and how his resistance to using sticky notes as a planning tool was overcome.  It’s another nice little touch that Guy used to drive home the point that it was a tactical book – one to be used not just shelved.

I don’t recommend every book I read or every one that comes as a free review copy.  But this one I highly recommend. The book is approachable, charming and likable, just like its author.  It’s a good book by a good Guy.