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Facebook and Small Business Saturday


Facebook isn’t just about advertising. Companies, and specifically, small businesses, are using the platform to boost sales for their own businesses, and build brand awareness for Small Business Saturday, as they seek to cash in on the holiday shopping season.

In an email, Facebook noted that mentions related to Small Business Saturday were up 1,200% on Nov. 30, compared to the week prior. That’s impressive, but Facebook’s new initiative, hashtagging, may actually prove to be more fruitful for small businesses in the long run.

The hashtag #smallbusinesssaturday saw a 2,300% jump over the daily average in the week leading up to SBS. Facebook recently incorporated hashtagging into its platform, similar to what Twitter already has. Other hashtags, including #shopsmall and shop small, saw huge increases in mentions on Facebook, up 900% and 550%, respectively.

Buzz came from around the country as well, allowing small businesses throughout the country to benefit from the new shopping holiday. The top five locations talking about SBS on Facebook were California, New York, New Jersey, Florida and Illinois. These are some of the wealthier states in the nation, which allows Facebook to demonstrate the power of its social network.

This allows the Menlo Park, Calif.-based Facebook to keep track of these kinds of statistics, and allow advertisers, and its 25 million small businesses, to more accurately measure return on investment. Given that Facebook generates the far majority of its revenue from advertising, anything it can do to help advertisers is a windfall for Facebook.

In the third-quarter, Facebook generated $2.02 billion in revenue, with $1.8 billion coming from advertising. Of that $1.8 billion in advertising revenue, mobile revenue accounted for 49% of that, equating to $881 million.

Small Business Saturday was primarily a female driven event, with four of the top five demographics being women. Given that females generally control the purchasing power in households, this is a welcome sign for both small businesses, and Facebook. It’s one thing to advertise on a platform, be it on social networks, television or radio. It’s another for the advertising to actually generate revenue for the company doing the advertising.

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Awesome Ray Dalio Video on How the Economic Machine Works

A guy worth $13 billion and in charge of world’s largest hedge fund knows a thing or two about economics. And every small business owner can find one or two golden nuggets of insight from this very cool animated video.

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Infographic: The ROI of Social Media for Small Businss


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Loren Feldman is Spot On About Groupon

This is dated but we’ve been having so many discussions about the “Groupon Fallout” that I thought I would re-post it.

Too Many Hats: The Small Business Problem That Never Goes Away

Hats Picture


Forget our beautiful Orange County weather.  Forget your kids, your wife, your friends and your favorite workout. Just stare at these hats and think of all you have to do to succeed at your business.

Forget your church, your synagogue, your mosque and your temple.  Forget that neighbor you were going to help out and that trip you were going to take.

And just stare at these hats.

Something is wrong with this picture.

And that something is us.

We are all trying to do too much. Simply because we think we can. I find this to especially be the case with Orange County small businesses.  There is something about the area we live in.  The fact that it is not LA or San Francisco or Riverside for that matter.  It feels resourceful yet still remote and breeds an odd sense of self-reliance because there is no tech epicenter.

What I am mostly referring to is the reliance on your own strategies when it comes to online marketing, digital marketing or whatever you want to call it.  Social media of course, has become something everyone suddenly feels like they are capable of doing themselves.

It is time to start thinking about giving up a little control and start outsourcing your marketing efforts because the ride you are on now will never end.  You can’t get ahead if you are constantly catching up.  The only way anyone ever grew from being just another small business into a highly profitable or bigger one is to grow your team.

But there is one rather large looming problem with this.

And that is trust.

The fact of the matter is that it is very difficult to find good people you can trust.  You’d like to outsource ALOT of things but it’s going to cost you in a lot of ways.

Time to find someone.  Money to pay them.  And unfortunately, if it doesn’t work out, you can multiply all of that times ten.

If you are looking to outsource your marketing needs in Orange County we can help you find some folks you can trust.  It’s worth it’s weight in gold and your closet will suddenly be able to hold more than hats.

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Why You Should Buy a Car from John Patterson of OC Mazda and Tustin Hyundai

JPOCAutoTeamBuying a car can be a stressful experience. It can feel like going to war against an adversary to destroy you and take everything you’ve got.  John Patterson know this.  That’s why when he set out to get into the car business in 2004, he wanted customers to have the kind of positive experience that would create something unique in his business – word of mouth developed from caring about the customer from the moment they buy until they’re ready to sell.

It’s a different kind of buying experience and the service visits feel like checkups not wallet drains. He  hires employees who understand at the end of the day that they are in the people business first and the car business second.  You can just feel it when you’re there and you see it with the engagements with customers.

Tustin Mazda has won several awards from Mazda Corp., which he says “motivates us to stay at the top of our game.” The Huntington Beach location is the only “Mazda Retail Revolution” showroom in Orange County.

Patterson sets aside $50 from every vehicle sold to be donated to community charities, such as the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Pancreatic Cancer Research and the Mariners Elementary School Foundation. A member of the Mariners Church in Irvine, Patterson also offers “give cards” instead of gift cards, that offer support to those in need.

“Our philosophy is very simple: take care of the community and the community will take care of our business,” he said.

The company’s annual Christmas Party is “a true morale builder,” Patterson said, and he treats his employees to a Prom Night-like party, an overnight stay at a nice hotel, and a babysitter to watch employees’ children.

“Many dealers have eliminated this expense as unnecessary, but I could not disagree more,” he says.

It is no wonder that Patterson won an Orange County Register Top Workplaces award for Best Leader.  It’s the kind of recognition that can be canned and pasted over with nothing really special behind it.  But in this case it’s truly deserved.

John Patterson is the kind of leader that thinks things through and takes massive action once he’s made a decision.  That filters down through the rest of the business and lights a flame of passion for customer service.  It makes car buying a whole new experience.  One in which you feel taken care of and loyal to your provider.  It’s a formula for winning.  And it’s a very rare thing.