Here is the post from on OCBizBlog that produced the single biggest day of traffic we’ve ever had.  Deadliest Catch returns tonight at 9PM on The Discovery Channel.


dc_lessonsHas your husband made comments that you you’re watching too much “Deadliest Catch?  Or maybe your girlfriend doesn’t really get why you watch the show about crab fishermen?  Well, next time – tell them your learning valuable lessons.  I came across a blog today entitled, “Five Things Deadliest Catch Teaches Small Business Owners” by Steve Averill.  Since I’m a small business owner myself, this caught my attention.

I think its a good article and it made me realize that in many ways I operate my small businesses similar to the way I was taught about work growing up commercial fishing.  My employees and I work around the “job” and not an arbitrary time clock.  We work as long as it takes to make the deadline and then take time off when the work allows.  My work ethic is definitely the same as the fishermen I grew up with – they are the hardest working group you will ever encounter.  To this day – I have never seen anyone work harder than the man who owned the F/V Cornelia Marie before my mother and Captain Phil … his name is Ralph Collins.  I will have to write about him some day.

As it turns out, I was shocked to find many other articles written about “lessons learned from the Deadliest Catch”.  There are several articles written about “leadership”, like this one and this one.  Or how about “leadership lessons for the military” learned from the Deadliest Catch.  Lastly, my short search turned up this gem about “Poker lessons” learned from crab fishermen.

Has anybody out there have any lessons they learned from the show?