niravPlastic Surgery is a huge business in Orange County.

So you better be prepared to compete if you are going to move out here from the East Coast and set up a practice.

Give yourself at least five years to make a dent.

Unless you are Dr. Nirav Savalia.

Then you can make it two.

Finesse Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery is growing in a down economy for two reasons:  they go above and beyond customer care and their work is high quality.

In short, you get what you pay for and more.

finesselogoBut what fascinates me the most, is how someone can come into a saturated market, full of experience players and start grabbing market share right away.

What is this guy doing right?

First and foremost he is delivering on his promise to provide a great service.

Secondly, he is going out of his way to provide that service.  How many plastic surgeons provide chocolate chip cookies from the local bakery post-surgey?  Or make themselves available 24/7 by offering up their cell phone number?  (yes, he actually answers the phone)

Let’s say you opt not to use that cell phone number post-surgery.  Not to worry, because Dr. Savalia is going to call you daily for the next few days to see how you are doing.

This is a guy who wants to build a remarkable practice.

And he is doing it by caring about the people who come to him.

Way easier said than done.

As a matter of fact, cosmetic surgery goes overboard on its claims to care about its patients, making most prospects suspect at best of any new players.

But when you deliver on your promise, go above and beyond on customer care, positive word of mouth kicks in.

And positive word of mouth in plastic surgery circles, is the Holy Grail of practice building.

You can have the beautiful print ads and the photo-shopped before and after pics and all the fancy office amenities, but in the instant-feedback and connected world we now live in, you will not last if you do not deliver.

Word will spread and you will be pummeled online and off.

You have to be the real deal.




Promising AND delivering.

Then they will find you.

Then you will grow.