Dare to Be Different or Die a Slow Death

Like almost every article here, the topic of this post comes directly from a conversation with an Orange County small business owner.

So why would you care about that?

Because there is a massive small business marketing echo chamber out there and OCBizBlog does everything it can to stay away from it.

We know we need to offer something different or no one will bother coming back.

The Orange County small business I met with last week is in a very boring space but doing a respectable amount of business.

They are now looking to grow by attracting some big clients who they have done some small projects for.

We met for an hour and came away with four conclusions:

1.  If they want to stand out from the competition, they have got to do one big thing that is different from their competitors.

2.  They have to communicate that differentiation relentlessly and take unrestrained credit for it.

3.  They need to consistently manage the relationships of key decision makers.

4.  They need to deliver on the results that they promise.

None of this is earth shattering until you think about execution.  When the rubber meets the road it all tends to fall apart.

That is where commitment to the “be different or die” belief must kick in.

Consider our Orange County friends from UC Irvine in the above video.

Think about how many YouTube views they would have had if they didn’t totally commit to what they were doing.

A lot less than the more than 18 million they’ve already received.

Why did this video go viral?

Because the bride and groom broke a major social taboo.

Everyone knows you’re supposed to play the boring wedding march music when you walk down the aisle.

They said nope, it’s just not us and apparently it’s not their friends either.

So they choreographed the whole thing to perfection.

The result is pure inspiration.

When was the last time a wedding ceremony inspired you?

Take what you do that is boringly successful and step it up to the next level with one cool idea and the will to execute it.

The results will astonish you.

5 Replies to “Dare to Be Different or Die a Slow Death”

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  2. I agree with you 100% I think this rule applies even more today than 10 years ago, than 5 years ago. With social media and the internet making formable competitors out of smaller (home-based) businesses more conventional businesses need to step-up their creative approaches or be left behind.
    You blog is becoming one of my favorites, keep it up 🙂

  3. Thanks! It is amazing to me how many subscribe to the whole modeling theory of success – just copy what “successful” people do and you’ll succeed. There is a real need there to follow (human nature) but not to the point where you shut down the hard work of thinking and being original.

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