caseytopnav_011I have the privilege of working with someone who truly understands the trial and tribulations of running a small business.

Dr. Casey Cooper is a licensed sports psychologist and a native of Mission Viejo, CA.

She has her own practice, a radio show on KLAA AM830 and recently sold her It’s a Grind coffee franchise.

She is relentless, honest and fun-loving.

She is also a true entrepreneur.

She has drive, passion and the ability to persuade others to buy into her dream.

She is organized, knows what she doesn’t know and sets realistic, honest goals as well as outrageous ones.

When it comes to marketing, she is her own version of Constant Contact because, well, she is constantly staying in contact.

She is not a “once you get to know her” person.  As soon as you meet her, you like her.

She is tough, intelligent and opinionated.

Did I say she was opinionated?

You can hear those opinions every Saturday on Sunday on KLAA AM830 from 2-3PM.