twostep1Had a conversation with a client today.

They asked me to give them “a quick tutorial” on how they can get more people to open and read their email newsletter.

So, in the spirit of 2009 and a “Back to Basics” approach, here it is:

The Email Opener Two-Step.

1.  The “From” line.

Make sure it is an actual name and not an email address.  A certain political campaign was sending me emails for eighteen months and it became a running joke with my wife that I got another email from “you know who.” A name in the “From” line sets off a recognition trigger that moves a reader to act.  You’re building a relationship after all and the only person with .com as their name is Tracy Morgan’s bodyguard on 30 Rock.

2.  The “Subject” Line.

This is where you make your money.  We use an acronym we created called FISTFIST stands for Fun, Insightful, Short and Timely.  Our subject lines must include at least three out of four of these attributes before we send an email out.

Why fun?

Because you’re not a fish.

The other three are self-explanatory.

The humble email newsletter or email marketing program you have implemented, has become the wallflower to all things Web 2.0 and Social Media.

But things are tight and times are tough.

Better take a second look y’all.


Anybody can do a two-step.