Everyone Wants You to Fail

Ever have one of those days?
When you run a small business, sometimes you think the whole world is against you.
You feel like an 8 year old girl singing the national anthem when suddenly her microphone cuts out.
In reality there is probably one lone jerk (listen for her laugh) who does enjoy seeing you screw up.
But the vast majority of people want you to succeed.
Because then they can bask in your success and you can offer them inspiration and a road map out of the jungle of mediocrity.
We all aspire.
No one sets out to screw up.
The more you realize that we’re all pretty much striving for the same thing, the easier it will be to keep your faith when things go wrong.

14 Replies to “Everyone Wants You to Fail”

  1. Steve,

    What a great example, I used to sing when I was a little girl, and just watching this made my heart stop. We all tend to have that fear of failing creep in on us. When I look at my business it’s really no different, I have those who are there to support me and sadly there are a few who would like to see me fail. It’s nice to have the support, but sometimes that support is not there when you need it, which is why we need to be our number one fan that cheers us on, to keep going and never give up!!!

    Here’s to keeping the faith!!

    Dana Prieur

  2. Dana,

    Yup. The single biggest factor you see in success of all kinds is perseverance. Take education, idea, background and throw it all out the window because it varies across the board. The thing that matters is believing you have something to offer and sticking with it. Seth Godin’s latest book LINCHPIN is a great read on why we should trust ourselves more and ignore the naysayers. Thanks for sharing your story and for such a thoughtful comment.

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