Rudy The Irvine Police Dog

We sat down (ok, he was lying on the grass) with the Irvine Police Department‘s go-to canine for all things social media and asked him how he has managed to create such an effective Facebook Page.

OCBizBlog: “How many fans do you have on your Facebook Page?”

Rudy: “First of all, it’s not “fans” anymore it’s “likes” and we have 425.”

OCBizBlog: “Right “likes” sorry…wow…that’s pretty good for a d…”

Rudy: “For a dog?”

OCBizBlog: “Yeah.”

Rudy: (pauses, tilts head and squints) “Well…man’s best friend, right?”

OCBizBlog: “Right.  Right Rudy.  That’s exactly right.”

Rudy: (big sigh) “If it were only that easy.  Listen, we employ some pretty basic tactics that most small businesses should be doing on their Facebook page but they either still don’t get it or aren’t willing to do it.  I can promise you if they make an effort, they’re going to see some results.”

OCBizBlog: “Can you expand on that a bit?”

Rudy: “Sure.  Take a look at our page.  Lots of engagement there.  Lots of pictures and comments.  And we have fun too.  We’re the police but we’re not taking ourselves too seriously.  Look at some of the captions on the photos we post.  And we are getting great feedback, great interaction.  I think the big takeaway is it helps to have personality and be passionate about your job.

OCBizBlog: “If you’re not passionate about it why should anyone else be…”

Rudy: “Right.  And then show that passion and you’ll start to attract people.  I think that is something humans have a tough time doing.  I mean look at us.  Dogs are not afraid to share their enthusiasm.  We love being social.  It’s better than chew toys.”

OCBizBlog: “Really?”

Rudy: “No.”