The Yellow Pages landed on our doorstep and it is truly stunning how many small business owners are still advertising in it.

I don’t use it to find my local (fill in the blank) and a lot of people I know don’t use it either. But I have found some other uses for it.

Here are five:

1. As a primer to teach my children the history of advertising. See kids? This is what ads looked like when your grandmother was a little girl.

2. Bring it to the gym and offer $100 to the biggest lughead who can tear it in half. It used to be hard, it may not be anymore.

3. Booster seat for the toddler.
And it’s mobile. Throw it in the car and use it for the next family outing.

4. Hidden weapon in case of home invasion robbery.
Getting hit on the side of the head with pages and pages of pest control and plumber ads can do some damage.

5. Archive it. The traditional use. Let it sit at the bottom of some drawer or cabinet or closet until the next one comes along.

Word to the small business owner – they are saying this internets thing could take off real soon…