hanginthereDon’t quit.

Promise me right now you are not going to quit.

Everything you have invested so far will go to waste (WASTE!) if you walk away now.

It’s rough and no amount of genius marketing ideas is going to change that.

Businesses that were getting four or five inbound sales a day are now getting one or two A WEEK.

No good.

But the opportunity is there.

If you can stick it out.

A lot of your competition is going to evaporate.  Most will become demoralized and simply retreat to whatever safe haven they believe in.

But if you can work through this, fight through it, market like you mean it, network to get work, you can come out on top.

Especially if you are creative, resilient and dedicated to your customers.

The best product is the one that gets sold and perfect is the enemy of good.

Just do it.

Be the exception to the rule.  Be unlike the others.  Have faith and a touch of naivete.

Be courageous.

People like me will see it.

And we will bust through brick walls to help you.