hightechtouchWhy do most small businesses feel they need to choose between being high tech or high touch?

They cite many reasons.

“We don’t have the time”.

“We don’t have the money”.

“We don’t have the resources.”

“We do what has worked in the past.”

You can’t afford the luxury of these excuses anymore.

You absolutely must take advantage of two huge weapons that can crush your bloated, slower-moving rivals.

1.  How close you can get to your customers

2.  How affordable it is the ramp up your technical communications.

Let’s cit a specific example.

There is a local Italian restaurant in our area called Spasso’s.

It is run by Dave and Tonya Moreno and they are two of the most friendly, sincere, honest and hard-working people I have ever come across.

They run their restaurant like a club for friends and family only.

Their waitstaff is affable and courteous. The food is terrific and they bring in nightly live entertainment.

So there’s your high touch.

The high tech part?

They have a simple website with photos of people having a great time and they have my email address and cell phone number.

Every week I get a text message and an email letting me know what is going on at Spasso’s.

Sometimes I delete it.

Actually, I delete it quite often.  But it reminds me and I don’t mind it.


Because of their high touch.

Get it?

They built their high tech on the back of their high touch.

And it cost them very little.

You can do it too.

More importantly, you must do it..if you want to be in business this year and next.