toby1“What are you doing, Daddy?”

“Helping somebody to do something.”



And that was it.

I was cooked for the rest of the day.

My kid messed with my head.

By basically saying…

Why the Hell are you doing what you’re doing?

For my own sanity (and for the benefit of my clients) I am going to bring my son with me to analyze all of their businesses.

It’ll be great.

“And this is where we input all the orders.”


“And this is where we house the inventory.”


“And this is what we do after we get a complaint.”


And so on and son on.

Every small business owner could benefit from asking the “Why” question.

And I’m not just talking from a tactical standpoint, but a big picture, fired-up, in your face perspective.

Summer is a great time to reflect on what you were put on this good green earth to do.

It’s a daily battle, but you’ve got an advantage you might not be exploiting.

The ability to step back, call timeout and with childlike simplicity ask…


Why am I doing THIS?

Do people need what I am doing?

Can I do it better?

Can I do it in a more unique, thoughtful way?

What is it that people want?

How can I help them get it?

How can I serve a larger purpose?

Big questions.

It takes some innocence and thought to answer them

I’d love to make some big proclamation that I’ve got it all nailed down but that would be bullshit.

Let’s just say things have changed, for the better.

Thanks to the world’s greatest business coach.

My little guy who won’t stop asking why.