Starting a new business does not mean you have to start something entirely new.

Case in point:

A few months back I spoke with iLounge founder Dennis LLoyd, whose company is based here in Irvine. On the phone, he came across as friendly and relaxed. He is also a pretty smart guy.

Dennis didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel.

In 2001, in the days after Apple released their first generation iPod, he simply built a site devoted to it. Since then, it has become the leading source of iPod information, assistance, news, and discussion. The site is updated daily with news, reviews, articles, previews, and tutorials.

It generates over 15 million page view per month.

There has been a lot of banter in the marketing world lately about “ecosystems” and working inside one or on the outside. Whether what you do contributes to the ecosystem, harms it or simply has no impact.

iLounge decided to work within the iPod ecosystem. They did not set out to create their own. They built something around an existing product.

Pretty smart.

Not new.

But smart.