tal-chalozinThanks to Elad Lavi for walking us through the incredible technology employed by his buddy at Innovid, Tal Chalozin.

This is a blog about small business marketing in Orange County, but today we are touting a groundbreaking start-up outside our region, because it is a leading indicator of where online advertising is headed.

Web advertisers have found it difficult to monetize viewers of video.

But Tal Chalozin and his team at Innovid, have come up with a new approach to video marketing.

Instead of running ads at the bottom of the screen, Innovid creates live interactive pictures of products embedded in the video.

When viewers scroll their mouse over, say, an image of a coffee mug, a window showing the location of the local cafe could pop up.  Or an image of a magazine could become an offer to subscribe.

Chalozin’s company has already got the backing of high-powered investors.

And most recently, Businessweek named Tal Europe’s Best Young Entrepreneur.

For more on Innovid, see here.