Orange County native, Dr. Casey Cooper , a prominent licensed sports psychologist and working mom, has broken through with her own radio show on the Angels Station AM830.

You can hear her on Saturdays and Sundays from 2-3PM every weekend.

Dr. Casey offers informative insight on athletics but is no armchair quarterback when it comes to business.

She owned and operated one of the most successful It’s A Grind coffee franchises in Southern California. When we first met at her store in Mission Viejo, she mentioned briefly her “side business” of counseling athletes but went right back to a discussion on generating revenue for her store.

So what took her from pouring mochas to dispensing advice?

She was willing to experiment and self-promote in numerous ways, including radio appearances, speaking engagements and starting a non-profit.

She created partnerships and sought professional help, including our company, Waxpoetix.

Some things worked and some didn’t.

The path wasn’t always clear.

But she kept trying.

And because of that, Orange County has a new and unique voice for sports-oriented parents, players and fans.