Lady GagaWe are a boring lot.

And sometimes in business, boring is good.

But none of us are Disney.

We are the scrappy startups.  The overlooked niche player.  The guys and gals battling with a lot similar folks for the attention of a media- saturated market.

This is tough stuff.

But at some point you have to ditch the me-too approach and at least for one moment experience the freedom of being different.

Not just different for different’s sake.

That’s dumb.

But different with a purpose.

That’s Gaga.

If you have the skills to back it up (like the woman above who’s been playing the piano since 4 and singing in nightclubs since 14) there really is no excuse to step up your game when it comes to marketing.

Find something, ANYTHING to set yourself apart.

People can get your service anywhere, your product is already in the market, there are not a lot of NEEDS out there.

The way you say what you offer makes a difference.

You’re going to have to say something.  You’re going to have to let people know you exist.

So why are we being so boring?

Because we’re afraid.

We don’t know what our brand stands for.

We sell everyone on features and skip the benefits.

We go through the motions to keep the lights on.

And we don’t think big enough.

If you are in a rut, think of a 24 year old woman who in 24 months went from an unknown to the biggest pop icon on the planet because she had some skills and dared to expose her freaky side.

Be really really good at what you do.

Be daring too.

Then everyone…

Will want to know you.