Just found this great interview with Steve Moore, the West Virgina cover band drummer who went viral on YouTube last week.

It’s pretty long, so I found the best part and posted it here.

It’s a funky little lesson in changing your mindset, letting go, allowing things to happen.

Anyone who has ever gone out on their own, started a new business, tried to create something from nothing, can relate to Steve Moore here:

“It’s really ironic the way things have panned out. Up until literally a few months ago, I used to stress over everything. I wanted to handle everything, I wanted to know everything. I would go as hard and fast as I could, twenty-four seven.

Just trying to work work work. Then about two months ago, I got to reading different books, talking to different friends, and I realized I couldn’t control everything, that I had to just let certain things happen. It may sound silly, but I had to just, just relax. That doesn’t mean you stop working, but I had to stop stressing over it.

All you can do it the best you can do, and if something’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. Just allow it to happen, don’t make it happen. And I think I’ve been trying to make things happen my entire life. So I finally just adopted a new way of thinking where I was going to allow things to happen.

And a few months later the thing went viral.

It may sound a bit silly to you, but as a result of that I’m not really putting much thought into it, I’m just kind of letting things unfold the way they unfold. I’m not trying to “seize the opportunity” and go at it like a bull.  I’m just trying to enjoy it. It’s taken 30 years for this to happen. I ‘m just enjoying that fact that so many people are getting a kick out of it.”