finger-pointingIt’s not working.

As marketers, we hear it every day.

For most of us, our first instinct is to see what we could do better. 

We are the ones, after all, who believe our work can make a difference, in spite of the challenges.

It’s natural for us to question what WE are doing.

 Is the offer strong enough?  Is the design clean?  Is the copy tight?  Are we targeting the right prospects?

But once these questions are answered, we have to look in the other direction.

At the client.

Clients that are willing to accept responsibility for implementation of a marketing plan are a blessing.

And small changes can make a big difference.

Incentivizing employees to make a behavior change recently resulted in a big jump in results for a client of Waxpoetix.

The promotion involved handing out a small card to customers who would then go online and fill out a short (60-seconds max) form to claim their gift.

We were seeing great results for several stores who had recently implemented the program with the exception of one.

The owner was convinced it was a failure.

We were convinced the cards were not being handed out.

So we made a bet.  Paramaters were set.  And, as it turned out, we were right.

Once employees were paid a small commission every time a card was handed out, returns increased 50% in five days.

A marketing plan is no cure-all. 

But cooperation and execution can be.