trustedocmechanicNo small business in Orange County is more trustworthy and transparent than Neighborhood Car Care in Mission Viejo.

Driving away after another visit that was over-the-top in the satisfaction category, I thought of Chris Brogan’s and Julien Smith’s upcoming book, Trust Agents, which I look forward to reading.

And while the subtitle of their book is “using the web to build influence, improve reputation and earn trust“, I think “Trust Agent” aptly describes my honest mechanic.

He didn’t grab the url trustedocmechanic for nothing.

Visit there site (heck, go to their shop) and you will see that Keith and his wife Karin and their boys have achieved something every small business desires.

Raving fans…see here.

You can talk a big game and try to create a perception of trustworthiness but actually doing it and having proof of it is what matters.

When Neighborhood Car Care received their certification from AAA, they did it with a PERFECT SCORE in the customer satisfaction survey.

Being at Neighborhood Care Care is like visiting a business run by a friend.

You don’t get hustled.

You don’t get worked.

You are treated like a real person.

Today I went there because I heard something strange in the engine.  I thought it was a problem, and was mentally preparing myself for the cost and time and planning and everything that comes with a car repair.

I went inside and spoke to the friendly gal at the desk who referred me to Alex.

It was clear that Alex had been through their rigorous training program (they work directly with the Saddleback College Automotive Technology Department).  In a snap, he has assessed the issue and my worst fears were put to rest.

I was a happy man.

So happy that I rush off to the closest wifi spot to do this post.

My honest mechanic is not only an agent of trust, but the embodiment of it.

A rare, rare thing.