Flying from Raleigh, North Carolina to Boston on Saturday, my wife and I noticed a young guy with a guitar case in line to buy coffee.

After we ordered, we made our way outside the cafe and saw him opening his case on the floor.

Inside was a Taylor Guitar.

My wife couldn’t resist.

“Hope you’re not flying United.”

“Actually”, he said with a smile,  “I am.”

His look said he knew all about the “United Breaks Guitars” video which now has over three million views on YouTube.

We started talking about it and two other strangers joined in, also laughing and commenting on it.

The power of social media at work.

Here is the full story.

We have been visiting friends and family for the past week and I have committed to staying offline for some perspective.

It’s been really useful.

There is going to a different content strategy for this blog starting in August.

I am very excited about it.