OCBizBlog is undergoing quite a few changes this year with an aim to deliver real value to anyone involved in small business in Orange County.

We are redesigning this site in stages and stripping away some of the elements that made it a bit distracting.

We have polled readers and gotten feedback on what they would like to see here.

We are keeping our focus on marketing because not only is it our passion but it’s an industry undergoing massive fundamental change that impacts everyone’s bottom line.

Our effort at change has not been without some drama.

Someone recently hacked into our blog and was redirecting our RSS feed.

So a lot of you were not receiving any updates from us and may have in fact been spammed.

We apologize for that and want you to know that everything is now in working order and hopefully we are keeping the trolls at bay for now.

One reason we are sticking with this site and making changes is because there is a surprising lack of fresh, original content online.

This was part of the reason why OCBizBlog was attacked.

It seems a lot of sites take the cut, paste and scrape approach to posting which is not as attractive to hackers.

We post our own stuff and try to avoid the echo chamber.

With that in mind we have a goal of posting daily relevant material that will help all of us to succeed in achieving our chosen dreams.

Sound good?

We are excited about it and look forward to growing OCBizBlog together with you.