When Justin Moore-Brown and I talked about building a social network for Orange County job-seekers, we didn’t know whether we would ever attract more than the dozen or so friends who thought it was a good idea.

As of today there are 347 members of OCJobTalk.

Pretty good for what started as a side project.

OCJobTalk works because it ties together social media with job postings, more like LinkedIn and less like Monster.

Think about going to Monster and what a freaking black hole it is.

Monster was great back in the day.

But it has been inundated with overzealous  recruiters and software that filters keywords in your resume.

And you can’t network with anybody, much less get a nice, quiet, uncrowded room going with people from your area with similar backgrounds.

That’s what OCJobTalk offers and we think this is what all job sites will become (and a lot of social networks too).

Quieter, controlled, focused, effective.

We see people on the site engaging with each other and offering help in their job search.  We make sure that phony members are ejected like a virus and strive to maintain a level of integrity that builds trust.

We think this is why it works and why it grows every week.

We are working right now with one of the best business minds in Orange County to offer our members even more as they work through the challenges of this current economic climate.

They deserve it.

Look for an announcement here and on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook soon.

And, if you are, thanks for playing a part in the best social network for job-seekers in Orange County.