job-search-crossroadsOCJobTalk Co-founder Justin-Moore Brown and I had a goal of 250 members by May 1st.

We hit that goal today.

We are amazed and thrilled by the talented and cool people who have taken the time to fill out profiles and become a part of what was a simple Ning experiment a few months ago.

Not everyone is a fan of Ning but we have absolutely no complaints.

There have been no bugs or outages to speak of and everything has run very smoothly.  (Did I just jinx it?!)

People are joining every day and sharing their experience and knowledge.

We have had a recent member get a job who said that if it were’nt for the discussions he was having on OCJobTalk, he would never have gone after the job he ended up with.

And that is what it should be about.

A place of community that encourages you to be more that you may think you are.  A small private room filled with sharp, cool people who are not pimping their stuff, but being helpful.

This is where the social web is heading.  Less noisy, quieter, private, focused.  Right now it is still a huge cacophony of citizenry and a bit overwhelming (witness Twitter lately).

You can’t spam anyone on OCJobTalk.  You can’t auto-follow or auto-DM. It’s a nice respite from the carnival.

Sort of a members lounge where you can meet new friends.

It doesn’t get any better than that.