OK, Twitter is going off the deep end.

Ashton , Oprah, P Diddy.

The hype machine is out of control.

And some of us are as well.

We need to curb our enthusiasm.

Sow down.

Be calm.

And think a little before we tweet.

Because what you put out there will come back to you.

So if you decide to engage with someone and criticize them, be sure that your more careless tweets are not so easily accessible.

Because someone will find them.

And who you truly are will come through in those seemingly meaningless 140 characters.

Don’t think your personality doesn’t show itself to the world when you tweet?

Bet your bottom dollar it does.

And the prejudices and baggage and thoughtlessness you may believe resides in others, lives right there in you.

Carl Jung called it the Shadow.

He claimed that most people go through life projecting onto others the worst part of themselves.  And that not until they assimilated their Shadow persona into their own being, would they be able to truly become an individual, separate from the scripts assigned to us from birth.

Bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs like to think of themselves as separate from the herd.

But many are just following and projecting their Shadow onto others.

So if you have an issue with someone, be careful you don’t leave a trail of evidence as to how long and dark your own Shadow is.

Because someone will find it.