We have written about superstar car saleswoman Dianne Whitmire before.

She embodies everything you could hope for in a sales and marketing leader.

She’s a doer.  She’s a closer.  She’s passionate about her work.  She has a geeky kind of reverence for it.  Just check out what they say about her over at Prius Chat.

Any small business must have someone who will go to any length to satisfy a customer and service the heck out of them.  The marketing soon starts to take care of itself as word of mouth spreads, especially if you are leveraging it online.

Dianne was one of the first Prius salespeople on Prius Chat and it has paid off.  If you do a search for her name you will find countless stories of people sharing their buying experience with Dianne.  Mostly you will read about how honest and knowledgeable she was and how far she was willing to go to meet the buyer’s demands.

After making the change from Northern California Toyota stores, she began her Southern California Toyota career in 1998 at Carson Toyota and now she is back as Fleet Sales Director.  That means all you So Cal folks who are in the market for a Toyota and want to buy it from someone you trust can just head up or down the 405 a little ways instead – right off the freeway!

When you find people who just get it, you stick with them and you let other people know…hey here’s an exception to the rule.  And don’t take it just from us.  There are a lot of Dianne fans out there.  And for good reason.  If you want to reach Dianne you can send her an email at dianne@carsontoyota.com