pinksThere are moments when I really miss living in LA.

Like grabbing a late-night dog at Pink’s.

They are probably the most famous hot dog stand in the country.

Been at the same location for 65 years.

The lines are always long.

Prices are cheap.

And the dogs, well, let’s just say they always taste better when you’ve stood in line for 45 minutes.

And that is precisely the point.

Standing in line to get a dog at Pink’s is an LA tradition.

You must partake in it at some point in your life.

And it’s a meritocracy, no skipping.

You could be standing next to Brad Pitt and he’ll wait right there along side you.

It’s not about the hot dogs.

It’s about carving a niche and taking a stand.

It’s about establishing and staying true to some core principles.

It’s about living your brand.

Sounds easy but it’s not.

That’s why there aren’t  many Pink’s.