daddycakes_label-sm“Something remarkable is worth talking about.  Worth noticing.  Exceptional.  New. Interesting.  It’s a Purple Cow.  Boring stuff is invisible.  It’s a brown cow.”

from Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, by marketing guru Seth Godin

“I’m starting a pancake mix business,” is a statement you are 99.99% guaranteed never to hear in your lifetime.

But that’s exactly what the wives of brothers Dan Byers and Levi Silva heard in 2007 when they decided to turn a family food feud into a business.

Byers, who lives in Newport Beach, and Colorado-based Silva, shared a family ritual of making pancakes for their kids which, over time, grew into a rivalry over whose were best.

Like most good startups, they simply began by creating a product for themselves, but soon discovered how enriching the experience was and what it meant to their families and friends.

Discussions soon revolved around the pancakes.

Family members asked about them.

Friends asked too.

Their pancakes had become remarkable.

But could they be a business?

The short answer so far is yes and you can learn more about Daddy Cakes here.

Smart marketing has helped.

The name, Daddy Cakes, is clever.

They’ve got a genuine story to tell.

They positioned themselves up-market.  For example, they use real fruit in their Sensuous Strawberry Seduction mix and make the Bountiful Buckwheat Buttermilk mix 100% organic.  They strive to use what they say are “the best ingredients”.

The packaging is fun and they researched the color scheme.  They include a small toy in every tin.  They go to stores and make pancakes for shoppers.  They respond to emails by bloggers.  They have a great PR person. They have an online presence, with a blog and engage in social networking at Facebook and Twitter.  They’ve gotten good press and built some word of mouth.

In short, around here at least, they are the Purple Cow of pancakes.

And if Seth Godin is right, that should lead them to achieve spectacular growth.

Time will tell.