6 Replies to “Quizno’s Bait and Switch?”

  1. This has happened with a local McD’s too at times. They won’t honor nationally-advertised promotions.

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  3. JMB comments about Quizzno’s something that was needed to be said. Also it was cool of the Quizzno’s in La Mirada to give you a 2fer one deal! That is was I call pleasing the customer while sticking it to their corporate office.

    JMB should do more of these video discussions!

  4. If you want to support small business, why didn’t you pay full price for the sub? You’re only half supporting them?

  5. I actually did and still do support them!

    Because of their willingness to compromise on the deal, they created a repeat customer out of me, which has not only recouped much more of the value than the half sandwich they gave me, but has also netted them much needed good pr in this crap-storm of bad pr.

    For the price of a small sandwich they received a living commercial. Pretty fair trade i’d say.

    Thanks for all the feedback folks!

  6. I think we gotta do more of these. Mike thanks for visiting from Satan Island!

    Bottom line is they (Quiznos) are the embodiment of old school thinking. They are getting killed online right now because of this and doing nothing about it.

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