christian_bale_01I heard it. (Warning: graphic language)

You heard it.

And everyone is weighing in on it.

When Christian Bale’s rant on the set of Terminator Salvation was released yesterday, it set off a slew of responses with most saying the guy is out of control, a bully, abusive and probably in need of therapy.


Can’t agree more.

Let’s see…Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Balmer, Mark Cuban, Donald Trump…should I keep going?

Haven’t these billionaires been described with at least one of those qualities?

What makes Bale’s rant so shocking is the unfiltered expression of his feelings and his willingness to break through the social norms of polite and expected behavior to communicate it.

We’ve all worked with or known the yellers and screamers.  And yes they are jerks.  But many of them are exceptional precisely because they feel so deeply or are a little unhinged about what they do.

So what?

Who wants to be around passionless, unimaginative drones?

Find yourself someone who feels deeply about what they are doing and harness and channel that energy into something productive.

This economic mess we are in is getting worse by the minute.  This is not the time to be half-assing it.

If you are not busting down the door every day to create value for your customers, listening to their needs, communicating with your team, you will not make it.

I am in the same boat with you.

Having a small marketing firm in Orange County, California is not a bed of roses these days.

But give me a tenth of Christian Bale’s passion and it will fuel our team.

It’s really not a big deal to swear and scream if you are committed to winning and creating something great.

Bullies destroy and create nothing.

Winners build and leave behind a legacy of success.

And sometimes they yell along the way.