A wildfire?

Kobe Bryant?

Attila the Hun?


Just a six-year old girl who wants something very specific from her father.

She offers all the ways you can convince someone to take action on your behalf.

I’ve counted about a dozen different techniques and characteristics that make her a great salesperson and virtually guaranteed to achieve her goal.

1.  She knows exactly what she wants.

2.  She tells you about it in multiple ways.

3.  She reminds you on multiple days.

4.  She tells you all the benefits.

5.  She backs off when she senses annoyance.

6.  She never deviates from her mission

7.  She expresses unrestrained enthusiasm.

8.  She sells with honey.

9.  She doesn’t make it about money.

10.  She times everything.

11.  She implies in place of ranting.

12.  She never gives up.

She’s my role model for selling, at a time when it’s more important than ever to set yourself up for a profitable new year.