Gaping Void Nobody CaresOK, repeat after me…

It’s always about them.

It’s always about them.

It’s always about them.

You are so excited over your new small business and the great concept you’ve come up with that the most important part of your future success has been overlooked.

Your customers.

It’s like going to a party and talking about yourself.  You will soon find alone in a corner talking…to yourself.  I’ve been there and trust me no one wants to be your friend.

Anybody who buys anything does it for what it can do for them.  Not for the satisfaction of the seller.  The only thing they are thinking is “What’s in it for me?”

But you know all this.

Oh yeah?

Checked your marketing materials lately?

I absolutely freakin guarantee that you are NOT selling any benefits in your copy.  It’s one thing to know it and a whole other enchilada to do it.

So here is how you can prevent that newbie mistake from spoiling the party.

Take a sheet of paper and create three columns.

Name the first one Features, the second one Advantages and the last one Benefits.  Under Features list all you can think of (for simplicity sake let’s use a car as an example – you’d put down navigation system as one feature for example).  Now list the Advantages the consumer would get from the feature, in this case you would avoid getting lost on a long road trip.  Now list the Benefit. In this it would be stress-free travelling.  Tie it right into an emotion like that and you’re really selling a benefit.

The key thing to understand is that most new small business owners are so excited about their new product or  service that they promote the feature, talk about the advantage and let the consumer figure out the benefit.

But in the real world, the sale is made the other way around: the consumer wants to know the benefit (to them), then (maybe) the advantage (to justify the buy) and finally (if at all) the feature.

Think about times when you bought something.  Chances are it was either a need, a great price or a benefit you couldn’t resist.

Ask yourself honestly if you are selling the benefits or the features.

And if it’s features, change it.

It will be well worth the effort.