humbug_american-idol-simonI admit it.

I watch American Idol.

It’s a cultural juggernaut and a good reminder of what people care about most.


Fortunately,  Simon Cowell is there to remind them (and us) that while you may be a star in your own little world, that is not enough for you to become one in ours.

They just don’t think it though.

People get so caught up in what they want and who they want to be, that they forget they need an audience to care too.

It’s why most small businesses fail as well.  OK, the statistics always say money but what is it that drives spending decisions?

The plan.

And what is that plan based on?  Is it solid research on the niche you have identified?  Is it the potential solution to a problem you encountered?  Is it adding value to a neglected space within your area of expertise?

Many times plans are made selfishly with stars in our eyes.

What we need is a Simon Cowell to snap us out of it.

Imagine taking your small business marketing plan to a 90 second pitch in front of newly annointed Small Business Marketing Expert Simon Cowell.

How would it hold up?

Would he mock you?

Would he boot you out 30 seconds in?

Or would he say, ” I like what you’re doing”.  “It’s interesting”.  “Ok you’re through to the next round.”

A cut to the chase, no holds-barred , quick, clean, objective critique is what you sometimes need for that small business marketing plan.

Look outside for it.

Get out of your head and find an expert who can help you be a star.