Sipper Photography Puts the Focus on Trust

sipperTrust is the lifeblood of any small business.

Especially when it comes to something as precious as life-stage events.

You know, graduating, getting married, having a baby.

Those are big moments.

And to capture that moment, you want someone you can trust.

Take it from someone who knows.

Our wedding photographer ended up in jail.


She was convicted of grand theft, the whole story ended up getting national coverage and 40 couples she did weddings for never got their photos.

We got lucky and got our pix but it was an experience that my wife still reminds me of to this day.

It got to the point where if I even mentioned the word “photographer” she would cringe.


All because I didn’t bother to do a nickel’s worth of due diligence.

Lesson learned.

Dana and Jeff Sipper communicate and create in a way that seems to suggest they know all too well how important trust is in their business.

If you go to the Sipper website and blog you get the sense they know who they are and what their style is.

There is very little hyping, just some cool clean images of real people doing real things.

Sipper was recognized by Fox 11 News in LA as one of the top 5 wedding photographers in Orange County, see here.

You can talk to them on Twitter @sipperphoto.

They will talk to you back.

And tell you the truth.

And deliver a great product.

On time.

Take it from me.

Someone who doesn’t want their wife to kick them in the butt the next time they hire a photographer.

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  7. I can personally vouch for the Sipper’s. They did a photo shoot for me at the end of February, and not only was the shoot incredible, professional and fun, I got the pictures in a timely manner and they were phenomenal. I recommend them to everyone I know.

    Thanks Jeff and Dana!

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  9. I think their business is a lot like freelance marketers. A lot of people jump in because they think it is easy to do, but like everything, it is harder than it looks and harder to do well. Thanks Kristen for stopping by and vouching for them. S

  10. I agree, I used Sipper Photography to capture some great moments in my life (wedding, baby, family shots) and they showed how great they really are in each picture. They really took the time to get to know us and learn about who we are as individuals, a couple, and a family. We love them so much, they are now a big part of our family.

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  12. I ALSO can vouch for the Sippers! They did a shoot for an award I won at my place of employment, and boy I can’t remember a time when I looked that good! 😉

    Dana is SUPER friendly and ridiculously comfortable to be around, she basically creates the experience. The Sipper’s are dedicated hard-working people who are pursuing their passion, and it shines through in their personalities and the wonderful pictures that they take.


  13. Steve: Thanks so much taking the time to write this great article on Sipper Photography! Your support is greatly appreciated!

  14. Jeff and Dana shot my wedding back in 2002, and we loved their work so much that whenever my family and I are in SoCal we arrange for them to a session with the family. It is amazing to see how their style has changed over the years, becoming more and more polished as time goes buy, and just as the images of my family grow and change with each session so does the quality of their work. Dana is a joy with children, and Jeff can make a shirt on a table look like it is catalog perfect. Thanks for recognizing this amazing couple with incredible talent.

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