wolfmanfloss1.  He doesn’t listen. He is old school in his approach. Top down. He’s a genius. I’m an idiot. Let’s talk a little bit. Let me be part of the process. I’ll tell you what I think and you tell me if I’m making sense. Pull me, don’t push me.

2.  He doesn’t connect with me.
I’m not talking about being my buddy. Just do something to remind me that you’re a human being. Stop sending me the tired postcard two weeks out and the day-before phone call. Try doing something different that takes you out of the pile of people who just want my money.

3.  He doesn’t care what other people think. Someone told me they had a bad experience. Is that true? No? Well, why did they post it to their Facebook page? Why did they tweet about it? Why are you so poorly reviewed on Yelp? In the past, it was easier to hide poor execution, shady practices and shoddy performance. Not anymore.

4.  He tries to upsell me all the time.
I’m not in junior high anymore so let’s just skip the retainer, ok pal? It’s invisible? Yeah, ok, it’s invisible. And I know you paid a pretty penny for that flatscreen image of the inside of my mouth that makes it look like a napalmed village but those fillings still work.

5.  He has no empathy.
Do you realize what you’re suggesting is not only going to cost me a boatload of both time and money put also pain and stress? Can I tell you the 138 other things I’d rather do than come back for that?

6.  No humor, no mirth, no glee.
Goes back to being human. C’mon buddy. Lighten up. It’s teeth!

Social media marketing can be simple and painless. There is nothing to fear. Just get out of your own way and start connecting with people. Do it online and offline. Build some trust. It’s the social currency of the past and the future.

PS.  And if you simply decide social media is not for you, then at least advertise like Patty Ross (see pic above), offer appointments at midnight and get our attention.