meetparents2We had to cancel our son’s birthday party this weekend.

We couldn’t do anything about the weather, but we could adjust and give the little guy a party at home with family and a few close friends.

We just needed some cooperation from our party vendors.

And cooperate they did.

The folks who were providing the entertainment did not charge us for canceling and the food vendor gladly accepted our order being cut in half.

So guess who my wife and I will be telling all our Orange County friends to go and see when it comes to kids birthday parties?

(We’re going to highlight both of them later this week)

I can not contain myself when I find a business that I trust.  I want to scream their name from the rooftops and tell anyone who will listen all about them.

It’s a rare thing to find.

Because of the current climate and the collapse of some huge supposedly trustworthy brands, there is a massive opportunity to build and market your small business through trust and transparency.

Here are five simple ways to do it:

1.  Walk Your Talk.

If you say you don’t charge for a cancellation, don’t charge for a cancellation.

2. Keep it Simple.

Don’t confuse the customer with a lot of if/then scenarios and wordy policies.  Be straight, direct and honest.

3.  Be human.

Answer your own phone.  Be friendly and likable.

4.  Go Above and Beyond Expectations.

Surprise us through your actions.  I was shocked that our entertainment vendor did not charge us when we canceled after the deadline.  They went straight to my Top of Mind list.

5.  Follow Through.

See 1-4.

There is a small circle of people in your life you trust.  If a business can get into that circle, it will never leave.