goingnutsEverything matters when you’re a small business.

You are playing it so close to the edge that one wrong move can send you spilling over the side and down into a gulley.

What I find more frustrating than anything is the small mistakes.

The typos in an email.

The inconsistencies of service.

The unanswered phone call.

The ignored customer.

Nobody’s perfect.

But staying busy and just showing up is not going to work in this climate.

We challenge ourselves and our clients to 30-Day Blitzes.

Choose one area where you are weak and devote yourself to improvement for a single month straight.

The next month pick another area to improve and so on.

Perhaps you will learn something and establish a new habit that will stick.

Habits constitute the core of your business character and become a barometer for customers and prospects.

Are you someone worth paying?  Should I ever come back?  Do you care?

Small mistakes can be avoided.

Try a 30-Day Blitz and see what happens.